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easy Linx

Business automation to facilitate the management of your business.

From the manufacturing of merchandise to selling them in store, the retailer, even the small company, faces a number of complex processes in the daily routine and in the management of the business. To easy Linx was specially designed to provide an increase in your business bringing together lightness, ease of distribution and low implementation costs. Make the most of the program with an easily understandable language to control your inventory in a simple way, plan purchases, take care of customer management, save time and become increasingly more competitive.

Check out the benefits of the software for each part of your business:

Store Front Routines: make use of the exclusive modules for the Store Front Routines integrated with the ECF (Tax Coupon Equipment) and approved by the credit card companies and the Secretaries of Finance in all Brazilian states.

Organization of Sales: launch items by bar-code or by typing, query prices and control the commission of salespeople.

Product and inventory control: register products with the possibility of control by color and size, classification of filters, entry of goods into the inventory through purchase order, verification of the inventory by the balance.

Financial module: integrated with other system modules, control of accounts payable and receivable and cash flow.

Accounting Routine: generation of the Inventory file and export of data to Sintegra and Sped Fiscal.

Plus: management of customers using search filters and management reports, performance analysis of vendors, issuing Sales Assistant Documents, issuing banking documents and dockets, control credit cards and bank accounts through bank conciliation

Keep True – Governance and Tax Audit

Complying with fiscal obligations without effort

Have you imagined managing the tax data of your company as to the consistency of information, and electronic document retrieval and delivery of control obligations in a simple, automated and innovative way?

Linx, in partnership with KeepTrue, makes this possible. In the palm of your hand you can have the control and management of your tax data, avoiding payment of fines, reducing exposure and costs, and increasing the productivity of your company.

See the advantages:

Digital Audit: all audit processes are done by the solution, that performs in a few minutes diagnoses and cross-validations in your files based on current legislation.

Control of Obligations: the solution centralizes the management of taxes, tributes and documents in a single panel, in the form of a calendar, controlling the maturity of the main and accessory obligations required by the IRS, with flexibility of viewing and managing.

NF-e Monitor: XML management solution (electronic tax documents), automating processes, minimizing tax risks and ensuring quality and cost reduction, since the supplier until the receipt of the goods.

And more: cloud solution without the need to spend on infrastructure, automatic registration of companies at CADESP or CNPJ and extensive database of taxes and duties periodically updated. 

Linx Analytics

More control, mobility and collaboration for business

Having store data in hands is essential to ensure the full integration of the staff and speed of decision-making for the achievement of a single result. Aiming to supply managers in the retail market with information so that businesses prosper, we present the Linx Analytics tool: innovation which takes shop control anywhere via smartphone, tablet or notebook screen.

Check some benefits of the app:

- Focused on increasing sales performance;

- Provides sales information in real time;

- Agility in decision-making;

- All managers have access to the information;

- Sales Team integrated at all levels;

- Uniformity of information;

- Feedback via online collaboration.

Linx Conectividade

Connecting outsourcing services and telecommunications solutions - your data is safe with ease of management via the web

Interconnect matrix and stores throughout the country with high performance and safe dedicated links: discover the Linx Connectivity solution.

Linx Connectivity allows the complete management of the network with the web, with activities such as online sales and support, management of in store prices, voice communication using Intranet (VoIP), reduction in the sending of data packets items between sites, among other services.

Make the most of the benefits of Linx Connectivity:

- The same consume experience in all the stores on the network

- Agility in the opening of new stores

- Cloud computing environment with complete security

- Reduced telecommunications and network costs

- Specialized technical support for the retail area

Linx Degust

Management software specialized in fast food, dines, bars and restaurants.

In addition to the quality of products, the level of organization and good service impact the choice of the place for eating out. Linx, as a technology company specialized in retail and food service, has a unique system for this sector, providing the peace of mind you need to focus on your business growth.

The Linx Degust system allows establishments, restaurants, franchisors and franchisees, manage their establishments in a simple and integrated way with a fully web-based solution. Check the main benefits of Linx Degust:

Integrated system, reducing rework and facilitating information management: POS, logistics, ERP and customer service in a single system, ensuring the operation and control of sales outlets and rear end, inventory management and cashiers, integrated with the main peripherals of business automation, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), ECF (Tax Coupon Equipment), scales, electronic sales controls and internet;

Mobility and self-service: complementary solutions to provide agility and reduce the time in lines, allowing an increase in the average ticket and improvement of service in establishments;

Strategic management: management program by indicators, speed and efficiency in closing the franchisor's sales revenue, ranking and comparative sales of the network, integrated inventory with the leading logistics providers;

Plus: suggested offers, combos and products, control of production time, following the growth of sales and daily expenses. Linx Degust is also available in a mobile version, allowing pre-selling products with the customer still in the line

Linx Degust APP Consumidor

Transform the purchasing experience and bring consumers closer to the brand.

Increase sales, reduce lines at the restaurant, interact with customers and get the best insights to create new offers and to move ahead of the competition! The Linx Degust APP Consumidor provides to networks of food service the opportunity to innovate in customer service and loyalty, in an app whose features enable the consumer to perform, directly from the smartphone, activities such as:

 - Accessing the menu online;

- Buying food and customizing applications;

- Requesting delivery order;

- Making payment with credit card via app.

All customized, with the face of your brand!

Linx Degust Autoatendimento

Reduce queues and increase average ticket sale.

When it's time to eat, the practicality to place your order is a great advantage for most consumers, and it might determine the choice of the restaurant. One way to simplify this routine, make service faster and ensure customer satisfaction is to use features that reduce the payment queue.

With Linx Degust Autoatendimento customers can order in a terminal, on their own, while viewing the full menu, combos and suggested offers, and pay on the spot, avoiding queues at the counter.

In addition to increase the average sale ticket, the software provides an increase in the inclusion of additional items in the suggested offerings, improving the consumer experience.


Linx Degust KDS

Easy kitchen production control panel

The Linx Degust KDS (Kitchen Display System) solution can be customize according to the format of the restaurant kitchen. This solution provides total control in production for the food service segment retailer, optimizing service, reducing production costs and avoiding inventory waste.



- One monitor for each production line;

- Order receipt from various sources: delivery, desk, drive-thru, among others;

- Easy deployment.

Linx Degust Mobile

Improve kitchen performance and reduce the queues for service

Linx software and services for Food Service bring the most current for customer service and store management: the Linx Degust Mobile application. With this app you decrease the time of customer service, manage and plan a better production in the kitchen and reduces the waiting time and risk of loss of customers in line.

It's the ideal system for a market that demands new technologies and forms of interaction with its consumers, adding value to your brand.

    - Collect orders in the lines (Fast Pass);
    - Integrate table service directly to the kitchen;
    - Release pre-sale at the POS right from the tablet;
    - Send the order directly to the kitchen or schedule it to the moment of the sale at the counter.





Linx Degust Painel de Senha

More integration and agility for customers’ orders.

With Linx Degust Painel de Senha (Password Panel), it is possible to integrate the customers’ orders with the kitchen and the password panel. In addition, the tool demands low investment and is very easy to deploy!

Here are some benefits:

- Total customer service time calculation;

- Possibility of including the customer’s name in the panel;

- Helps in the dimensioning of the store staff;

- Integrated to the Linx Degust system.

Linx DMS

Integrated management system for car dealerships

In addition to the many tasks on a daily basis, a vehicle dealership is inserted in a demanding, extremely popular market. To assist your business, Linx has great expertise and leadership in DMS (Dealer Management System).

Linx DMS solutions assist in commercial management, vehicles, stock and logistics, services and the relationship with customers, providing a personalized service and the best experience for your consumers.

Check out the benefits:

Vehicles: manage and consult inventory levels, control the purchase demand and the orders with the automakers. Generate comprehensive reports on sales results. Control pricing, discounts and negotiation policies. And have a complete view of a single dealership or the whole economic group.

 Parts: Carry out the planning and inventory control (analysis, purchases and repurchases), promotion, warehouse control, sales and reporting the results. Generate reports for the ABC classification of inventory, and turn-over and demand for parts. Control discounts and negotiating policies and have direct integration with automakers.

Workshop: have the total management of the workshop, the opening of the Service Orders until the collection of the vehicle. Control the level of allocation of professionals and the volume of Service Orders. Carry out prospecting and the scheduling of services and the parts inventory. Control services under warranty and recall.

Communication with automakers: integrated system for all automakers. With it, dealers exchange information (EDI) with the systems offered by manufacturers in an easy and straightforward way. The automakers have a complete management view of all the processes that support the strategic and tactical decisions.

 Plus: F & I (Finance & Insurance), administrative integration and tools for management control and support for decision making, and can be used in a web environment and on mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones. Linx DMS can also be used on the web and on mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones, in addition to the self-service totem. Meet the Linx DMS Mobile and the Linx DMS Autoatendimento!  

Linx DMS Autoatendimento

Quick payment and without queues on dealership services

In order to improve the day to day of workshops and dealerships, Linx has developed the Linx DMS Autoatendimento solution, which allows consumers, using a touch screen and credit or debit card, to schedule and perform repairs on their vehicle independently, without facing queues at the counter or needing help from a shop employee. Check it out:

 - Allows suggestion of offers of products and services;
 - More agile service in scheduling and closing services;
 - Reduction of the payment time and queues;
 - Consultation and changes in the order of service;
 - Intuitive and easy to use.


Linx DMS CRM Plus


Optimize customer management processes and integrate budget requests and contacts made by telephone and by the website with Linx DMS CRM Plus.

Check out the features:

Integration with Telephone Center:

- Automatic recognition and availability of information of the customers calling;

- Performs calls in sequence for a contact list automatically;

- Automatically stores incoming and outgoing calls;

- Accesses recorded phone calls directly from the system.

Integration with the Website:

- Control and monitoring of leads generation to the completion of the sale;

- Integration of the physical and virtual channels;

- Increased lead conversion rates!

Linx DMS Dashboard


With Linx DMS Dashboard you follow the entire operation of your dealership, from the evolution of part numbers, services, semi-new and new to strategic indicators of the company. All in a 100% web app with easy and friendly navigation.

Check out more:

- Real Time: comparison in real time;

- Mobility: accurate information at your fingertips anywhere, right on your mobile device (iOS and Android);

- Comparative: consolidated or analytical data results of the operational departments;

- Easy and intuitive navigation both on computers and mobile devices.

Linx DMS Gestão de Compras


With Linx DMS Gestão de Compras you control and manage the shopping flow of consumables and dealership services, monitoring from internal requisitions of materials, record quotes and orders for entry and deduction of invoices.

Check out more:

- Materials: control of the records and material requests;

- Suppliers: receive suggestions from suppliers for the purchase of materials;

- Quotations Map: budget with the lowest prices grouped to facilitate the analysis and the best purchase;

- Order delivery: registration, control and verification of delivered orders;

- Shopping: budgets approvals by heave and generation of purchase orders.

Linx DMS Mobile

Agility in the dealership service and managerial control in the palm of your hand

 To bring the best experience to your customers and have full control of the sales process, customer relationship and management is essential to increase the profitability of your dealership and have the business management on your fingertips, anywhere.

With that in mind, Linx complements its Linx DMS solution with mobile features for tablets, which give greater accuracy and agility in the administration of your dealership or network.

- Sales management and evaluation of vehicles: full, detailed overview of the entire process of evaluation of    vehicles,  with photos, summaries and detailed status, queries, and more;

- Post-Sales Management: opening, pricing and service order tracking on your tablet, with overview of schedules and status of services;

- Comprehensive management reports: view information such as billing, inventory and financial positions, and performance reports;

- Customer service: schedule calls through the tablet and follow the invoicing of service orders.



Linx E-Commerce

Multi-channel integration that maximizes the consumer's shopping experience

Today, there are a growing number of consumers who prefer to search for products and services using online platforms. Considering this reality, Linx brings the Linx e-Commerce platform for retailers to extend the brand experience of a physical store to the virtual store, retaining the management controls and processes that the two channels require.

With Linx e-Commerce you maximize your multi-channel strategy and generate more value for your company. Check out the benefits:

Shared management: keep an interactive electronic catalog with inventory data, prices, among others. Manage the inventory in a unified way from the sales information of the physical and virtual store;

System Integration: perform direct sales to the final consumer with the effective management of numbers and consumer habits. Linx e-Commerce is fully integrated to the Linx ERP and Linx Retail CRM solutions;

Customizable showcase and project according to the needs of each brand management and with responsive design;

And more: cross-selling actions ("who bought this, also bought"), critics and queries control, receiving orders from wholesalers and tracking of sales goals.


Linx Enterprise Store

Full suite of systems for management of large retailers

In a competitive and global market, it has become essential to improve the level of service offered, increase productivity and make the shopping experience unique. To assist retailers, Linx has developed the Linx Enterprise Store, a complete set of solutions to major retailers with emphasis on the segments of drug stores and pharmacies, magazines, department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and wholesale.

Learn how Linx Enterprise Store can make a difference for your business:

- Robust solution to your reality: high availability multiplatform system, with safety, scalability and portability, integrated with major ERPs; 
- Monitor your business: complete solution for business rules, infrastructure, integration and fraud; 
- Creating and maintaining campaigns, events and promotions; 
- Quick, customer-focused sales process: entering assisted orders or delivery; 
- Mobility: all the features of assisted sale and POS on the tablet; 
- Adherence to tax obligations. 

Solution modules:

- Store automation: manage sales processes and central consolidation;
- Treasury: cash and transaction control, integrating the checkouts and ERP;
- Electronic Funds Transfer: interlinks stores online with credit card companies and other services;
- Financial authorizer: manage financial authorizations at the counter;
- Customer loyalty: leverage sales with customer loyalty, awards and points programmes;
- Credit card conciliator: automated and integrated process.


Linx ERP

Business management software specialized in retail

Linx has the ideal solution for those looking for a business management software - ERP that meets all the functional, technical, legal and fiscal needs for stores and chains. A complete product, adaptable to business needs and that supports expansion for years to come.

Linx ERP software can be used in networks of stores, ensuring full integration between them, consolidating information and centralizing the operation. Integrated to Linx POS, Linx e-Commerce and Linx mobile solutions, the Linx ERP provides the best shopping experience for the end user and at the same time facilitates the management of all network channels.

Main processes featured:

- Inventory management: integrated inventory management for better assortment of products, with unified and standardized record;
- Fiscal, financial and accounting management: meets the main store and network management processes, generating legal and management information;
- Supply management: management bank, prices and deadlines for the replacement of products and materials
- Production management: manages the production of clothing, from buying supplies up to the delivery of the product to the expedition;
- Commercial management: sales order management and integration with internal and external partners.

Linx Farma

Complete systems for pharmacy management

A complete and safe management for pharmacies covers much more than financial controls or storefront. It is necessary to meet the requirements of Anvisa (Brazilian FDA), to integrate the store - or chain - to pharmaceutical industries, examining the habits of consumers in order to plan the inventory properly, control the validity of medicines, among other segment-specific routines.

Linx offers the best software on the market for the industry, throughout Brazil. Tools that are easy to use and implement, connecting all the needs of the management of pharmacies and allowing for the operation of single or multiple branch office chains.

Improve your profit margin and increase the sales of your pharmacy or chain with the resources and the security that the Linx Farma systems offer!

See the benefits:

Security: consistent and reliable data so you can safely manage your business.

Demand calculation: plan stock with precision to meet the demand of your customers and avoid spending on products that do not generate revenue.

Inventory relocation: shortage of medicines in one branch and too many in other? Optimize your purchases by relocating surplus products between branches and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Tax management: plan and collect taxes timely, avoiding imposition of fines. Meet all tax requirements, such as issuance of Fiscal SPED and Contributions, NF-e, NFC-e and SAT.

Automation: generation of Electronic Orders – PE, Drug Benefit Plans – PBM, Popular Pharmacy Program and SNGPC.

And more: customer card and management agreements.

With national coverage, Linx serves about 8,000 pharmacies of small, medium and large. Contact us and learn about our solutions!

Linx Fast Pass

Streamline service and reduce queues with mobility

Developed to assist retailers improve customer service, consumer experience and reducing queues, the Linx Fast Pass application offers features to stimulate improvements in the performance of vendors, providing sales information and fulfilling goals.

Learn more about it:

- Product search by reference and barcode reader;
- Local and e-commerce inventory query;
- Customer information and directory;
- Sends the order directly to the counter: pre-sale integrated the store's POS;
- Sales information for each salesperson in the store;
- And more: fast and simple implementation! In few minutes you increase the capacity of your store and improve the customer experience, without the need to expand the physical space.

*When integrated with Linx Showroomer.

Linx Gift Card

Raise the average sales ticket and retain your customers.

Developing a sales strategy can be tricky if you have more than one store or brand and do not have a platform that integrates and facilitates the control of your promotions. Attentive to the needs of its customers, Linx offers the Linx Gift Card, which meets your business needs with gift cards, promotional vouchers, cash-back and other features.

Linx Gift Card ensures the expansion of the average ticket and customer loyalty through a 100% safe, user-friendly interface.

Learn more about the benefits of the solution:

- Integrated storefront systems, and e-commerce;
- Only gift card solution on your own network of franchises, with integrated processes;
- Serves one or more brands of the same economic group or holding;
- Elaboration and provision of promotional campaigns using cash-back format;
- Through campaigns with NGOs, you and your customers can contribute to social causes and, as a benefit, you have your client base enriched with low cost;
- Participation in physical and virtual Gift Mall through market-leading distribution companies;
- Traceability of acquisitions, redemption of promotional campaigns.

Linx Home Center

Robust software with high availability for business management of large retailers

Agile and fast service, flexibility for the customer, safe and accurate information and high availability are key requirements for the commercial management of major retailers.

Integrated with leading ERPs on the market, Linx Home Center offers the ideal structure for segments such as home centers, home and decoration stores and building materials stores to automate their business operations within the chain of shops and monitor strategical information safely.

Learn more about it:

- Commercial management: accurate and up-to-date information for optimization of processes such as purchase and replenishment of products, development of campaigns and promotions, sales and logistics;
- Commercial automation on POS: quick service with continuous access, flexibility and ease of operation. High availability solution, allows the receipt of orders, discount at the counter, covenants, bill payment, mobile credit recharge, among others;
- Assisted sale management: improve the productivity of salespeople and expand the strategic vision of managing stores with a web system that provides real-time information. Allows the seller to take care of more than one client concurrently. Perform network inventory and distribution center queries and view suggestions.

Linx Microvix

Complete software for management of stores and franchises 

Linx Microvix is a complete management solution for chain stores and franchises. ERP and POS Software that are 100% web based, these programs meet all the franchise routines, supporting the exchange of information and the relationship between franchisor and franchisee.

Make the most of all the benefits:

Corporate Management (ERP), complies with all the essential routines for managing any store or chain by automating the store front operations while offering integrated solutions to the other administrative and financial processes;

Store Management (POS): controls the main processes of the point of sales, integrating inventory information, sales and management;

Franchise Management: management of franchise network in a single tool, facilitating the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee;

Business Intelligence: the combination of different data from Linx Microvix for the construction of indicators and the monitoring of goals in a simple and intuitive way.

E-commerce integration: integrate physical stores using Linx e-Commerce and decrease the sales break, improving the consumer experience with your brand.

Cockpit data: centralizes the data from your store or network into a single panel. Allows managers to monitor the real-time performance of the stores, products, sales person, brand or even product line, which enables the identification of risk situations and immediate decision making.

And more: totally WEB based system fully inserted into the cloud computing model, with features of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), NF-e (Electronic Invoice) and SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System).


Linx Mob Checkout

Streamline service and reduce disruption of sales in the store.

With the Linx Mob Checkout application, retailers gain mobility and flexibility in customer service and consumer relationship. Finalize the sales from anywhere in the store, without going to the counter, and meet the requirements of NFC-e or SAT.

Learn more about it:

- Conduct and finalize sales from anywhere in the store without losing customers due to queues;
- Query physical store or e-commerce inventory;
- See and enter customer data;
- Make the sale in physical store and shipment through the distribution center or e-commerce;
- Provide a shopping experience that is more rich and innovative.

Linx NFC-e

NFC-e and SAT: a revolution in the Brazilian retail

The Electronic Invoice for Final Consumers (NFC-e or SAT) is a tax requirement aimed at replacing printed tax coupons as an online alternative for data transmission. Linx brings to retailers POS solutions aligned to the implementation schedule of this tax change for all states in Brazil.

Learn more about the benefits of Linx's solution for NFC-e and SAT:

Real-time information: at the time of sale, Linx NFC-e automatically renders information on the State Department of Taxation and Finance. Thus, the store and the final consumer have access to instant online electronic coupon;

Mobility and flexibility: fully integrated solution to mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets. Expand your sales terminals and improve the shopping experience;

XML file whenever the customer needs: with Linx NFC-e you can download  batches of invoices at any time; 

Scalability: there is no need to buy equipment and infrastructure and leave them stranded in periods of low seasonality. With Linx's solution, you can meet demand peaks without concern;

Reduction of red tape: print the Auxiliary Electronic Document of the Electronic Invoice - DANFE - from any type of printer. The NFC-e and the SAT dispense the use of fiscal printers, and it is no longer needed authorization from SEFAZ in the definition of the equipment to be used;

Economy: simplified process of delivery of ancillary obligations, with exemption of printing Reduction Z and Reading X Overview Map, among others.

Linx NF-e

Full cycle management of Electronic Invoices in retail

Integrated to Linx solutions, the Linx NF-e allows the complete management of the entire cycle of sending and receiving invoices, taking into account the specifications and criteria necessary for integration with the states' SEFAZ portals. The solution simplifies the ancillary obligations and the everyday life of retailers. Learn about the benefits:

- Reduction of fiscal document printing costs, once the document is issued electronically;
- Reduction of tax documents storage costs;
- Reduction of downtime of trucks at border  fuel stations;
- Possibility of integration of all factory systems;
- Processing, authorization and storage of tax documents;
- Storage of customer's digital certificate.

Linx POS

Management system for the store for different retail segments.

Developed to provide its customers with the best possible experience at the point of sale, POS Linx is a management software that includes everything from procurement planning, control of the front desk and inventory in transit, commissions for sales people, rotating inventory, Business Intelligence to relationships with customers and the franchise network.

Make the most of all the benefits of the solution:


Compatibility: Linx POS has its own drivers for fiscal printers, data collectors, bar code readers and mobile devices, in addition to accepting all credit and debit cards and check verification through EFT (Electronic Transfer Funds);

Data storage: is carried out online, off-line, centralized or for each store, according to the structure of each company;

Auditing special activities: maintains in the database all discounts information, cancellations and other activities generated with a password, giving the reasons, time and date of the action;

Sales Reports: viewing sales and comparative schedules from the past, including weekends, holidays, etc., which avoids errors in the analysis of sales;

Plus: programming of items that are considered characteristic of the products and distribution of products according to the mix of the store, services for regular stock and distribution centers, are essential to sectors such as fashion and appliances.

Linx Postos

Complete software for management of gas stations and convenience stores

To provide control, safety and agility essential to business, Linx provides Linx Gas Stations, which automates the management of both small stations and major chains, as well as convenience stores and restaurants.
Learn more about the main benefits:

Solution ready for city gas stations, highway gas stations and/or rest stops.

Business management: easiness and adequacy to tax requirements
Linx Gas Stations software enables automated control of all the administrative processes of the company, including financial, accounting, commercial and tax management, all integrated with federal and state treasury;

Effective control: all functions and results in your hands, with intuitive interfaces.

Interact with the routines of your gas station or chain, changing prices, managing permissions separately and generating accurate reports at any time. Organize your product registration, naming the categories according to the need, and perform stock count without interrupting sales;

Agility in the process: save time and operating costs.
Take advantage of features designed to make your everyday life more agile, as electronic conciliation of credit and debit cards and mobile applications that facilitate management.
Meeting the needs of each station's profile:
City gas stations: integrated management between the track and the convenience store, facilitating the control of processes and raising the average ticket, mobility and agility in service
Highway gas stations: control of vouchers and benefits for professional drivers, such as transfer documents and change-checks, restaurants management and integration with carriers. Customer loyalty according to your target public.
Rest stop stations: simultaneous and automated control of multiple fueling areas, self-service features that enable agility and reduce queues at restaurants and stores.

Linx Postos Mobile

Post management on the palm of your hand

Get detailed and accurate information of your gas station or convenience store anywhere, anytime, with the Linx Gas Stations Mobile application. This app brings together in a single mobile device features such as control of stock and change of prices, all managed from distance. Simple and practical.

- Store inventory control;
- Fuel pump measurement in real time;
- Price change.



Linx Retail Marketing e Motor de Promoção

Management system for customer relationships

Build lasting relationships with customers and create sales and marketing strategies in the market that is increasingly more competitive are major challenges of the retail area. To help you understand consumer habits and the needs of customers, Linx offers the Linx Retail Marketing, a centralized program to work the loyalty of its consumers. Via web, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

When working with the concept of consumer status (active, inactive and lost) and RFV (rescence, frequency and value), the Linx Retail Marketing assists in the life cycle of the relationship in the marketing and trading to increase sales results.

Check out the benefits:

 Marketing and Segmentation: integrated solution to the Linx ERP systems and Linx POS (link para página do POS em inglês). From your consumer base, analyze the behavior and segment based on clusters, considering registration, financial and transactional data. Plan and implement effective marketing campaigns and analyze the return of these actions;

 Promotion Engine: enables the creation of promotions on a centralized basis, linked or not to a campaign, given the combination of factors such as product, region, store, form of payment and many others. Deadlines may be planned in advance, coming in automatically on every POS of the network, without the need for customization or management in each POS.

What´s more Linx Retail Marketing tool generates essential information to increase the acquisition, value maximization and brand retention of the consumers, basing decisions for attracting new customers, and the recapture and reactivation of inactive consumers.


Control your merchandise by radio frequency

In retailing, the control of the movement of merchandise that is in stock and in the stores is crucial to the company's profitability. To reduce manual processes and increase the accuracy of inventories, Linx provides a tailor made solution for the retail chain.

Linx RFID is an identification system of goods via radio frequency that provides flexibility in inventory management. An integrated solution for Linx products, it allows one to make a more assertive and fast decision.
Make the most of the benefits:

Inventory accuracy the identification of items using radio frequency can increase productivity by a factor of 5 and increase to about 99.9% the accuracy of the inventory, eliminating shipping errors, reducing costs, labor and rework;

Real-time information: with the Linx RFID the traceability of items in the supply chain is much more effective, so it is possible to provide the information in real time, allowing for the rapid identification of faults and carrying out corrections.

Plus: planning, project management, equipment installation, supply smart tags, operational management of the installed plant and inventories rotary.

Linx Selling Mobile

Sales-focused advanced mobility and innovative shopping experience

Developed for stores of several segments, such as clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, the Linx Selling Mobile solution gives retailers a reinforcement to conquer the consumer, to raise average ticket and reduce the disruption of sales in stores.

With Linx Selling Mobile sellers can access from mobile devices:

- Full pieces catalog: list of all pieces of the stock and collection, with details of prices, sizes and colors;
- Product search: by reference or name;
- List of lookbooks or bundles: combinations of various products of the brand or collection, displayed with pictures and details;
- Customers purchase log: access to offerings, combining products already purchased by a customer, to stimulate interest in related items;
- Filters according to the profile of the customer: allows you to select products by collection, group, subgroup and size, making it easier to search for pieces;
- Barcode: barcode reading of products directly from the mobile device;
- Relationship with consumers: access to the entire network's customer log, with indicators and detailed information;
- Mobile payment: sell directly through the tablet via credit card, integrated with Linx TEF;
- Pre-sale: sell from anywhere in the store and send the order directly to the store’s POV;
- Sale of products not available in physical stores: view the stock of physical and virtual stores (e-Commerce) and avoid the risk of collapse of sales.

Linx Showroomer

Sale of online store products within the physical store.

Losing sales due to lack of products in stock happens to every retailer, but it doesn't have to happen with your brand. The Linx Showroomer solution integrates POS of physical stores to centralized stock or e-commerce, allowing shopkeepers to make sales of products from the online store or extended stock within the physical store.

In addition to ensuring the sale, you also provide consumers with an innovative shopping experience, delivering the product right to the customer's house!

- Decrease the breakdown of sales due to product shortage in physical store;
- Leverage sales with more options of products;
- Reduce the costs of leasing and assortment with integrated stock management;
- Improve the consumer experience with your brand.



Linx TEF

Software for quick, safe integration with credit card companies.

To have quality products and offer a good service may not be sufficient for your store if, at the time of effecting the sale, your client lose precious time in the checkout line, and could even give up the purchase. For you to have more speed in the processing of credit card transactions, reduce service time and comply with the tax legislation, Linx offers the ideal solution for your business: Linx TEF. A system of communication with credit card companies, fully integrated to the sales software.

Learn about the benefits:

Safety and reliability of the information: the data of credit card sales are automatically registered in the system. The process, which is 100% automated, eliminates the possibility of human error, ensuring the accuracy of the information on the conciliation of sales. Linx TEF allows for automatic conciliation of amounts sold with the acquirer networks, enabling effective management of cash flow and predictability of receivables.

Speed in the processes and POV: reduce the lines in your store with the simultaneous achievement of credit card sales in more than one counter and with better performance: transactions concluded in seconds.

Web portal: online access via the web for real-time query of all debit and credit transactions made through EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer.

Low investment: does not require purchase of server equipment for the EFT. Linx is responsible for providing all the infrastructure needed for the EFT operation, accompanying the growth of large-scale retailers.

And more: security for your operations with a solution certified by PCI SSC, aggregated services as banking correspondent, recharge of prepaid cellphones, checks consulting, among others. Technical support specialized in retail.


Linx Varejo de Serviços

Management software for the chains and franchises of retail service

In the segment of services, to find a system integrated for the management of the franchise chains can make the difference for the evolution of their business. Thinking on this reality, Linx, supplies a management system especially developed for the chains of this segment.

Check out the benefits of Linx Varejo de Serviços:

Management and Operation by the franchisee: it standardizes the management and operation of all the units of the franchise chains, contributing for the maintenance of the focus on the growth of the business;

Panel of Pointers: The system allows following (online and in real time) the key pointers of the business, making possible, beyond the control, the agility in the decision-making;

Intelligent service: it guarantees efficient communication between the franchiser and the franchisees. The exclusive communication channel makes possible the management through an automatized form of all the service process of the chain and establishes a firm deadline policy based on the matters.

Chain Portal: standardizes the measures and actions recommended by the franchiser in the entire chain;

And more: 100% web software and centered, trustworthy data stored in cloud. The system, which is adaptable to the specific necessities of the chain, allows for the online consultation of sales amounts, individually or in-group, facilitating, at any time, the collection of royalties and/or any amount due.

Netpoints - Loyalty Program

Loyal customers and larger sales with loyalty program

With an electronic platform for relationship actions, Netpoints provides the retailer with a solid loyalty program that is well established in the Brazilian market. The program allows consumers to accumulate points in the associated stores and exchange them for products, while simplifying the management of loyalty actions for retailers.

With the Linx-Netpoints partnership retailers have a higher frequency of customer visits to the store, increasing the chances of carrying out new sales, while gathering information about the behavior of customers for more assertive actions and new releases.  

Prophix - Budget Management

Automate the budget planning

Companies that use spreadsheets to draw up the budget planning have sought software that support and facilitate the process, due to the great complexity of managing numerous worksheets and the lack of reliability of information.

Linx, in partnership with Phophix, offers the solution that will make the budget process faster and more convenient. Phophix's planning solution automates the drafting and monitoring of the companies' corporate budget, distributing in departmental budgets.

See the benefits:

Creating accurate reports: with the system, it is possible to create budgets using a user-friendly interface, in the spreadsheet format, with full control and precision on data verification.

Designer functionality: this feature supports any kind of reporting requirement, such as financial statements, monitoring Actual X Budgeted amounts, among others.

SmartMonitor: create Scorecard and Dashboard directly in the application.

E-mails: inclusion of external documents and custom dashboards with key performance indicators (KPI) for day to day use. 

SoftExpert - BPM Suíte

Efficient processes, effective management.

Every day challenges and risks arise for companies working in a dynamic market. Economic pressures and the ever-changing business needs require changes in the way companies approach their processes. 

Typically, these represent the biggest gap for organizational growth, with paper-based processes and departments, emails, manuals, data without monitoring performance and work quality.

Linx, in partnership with SoftExpert, presents the BPM SoftExpert, a comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated modules and components, designed to manage the entire business process and support the needs of all stakeholders of the company.

Check out some features of the system:

Modeling tool based on the BPMN Standard (Business Process Model and Notation): allows for the use of events, activities, tasks, decisions and other elements to quickly create executable processes using drag-and-drop in a 100% web environment.

Customized: create processes and business rules quickly, add functional roles, create user-friendly interfaces, custom forms and manage all related content.

Indicators: monitoring of indicators of business activities, decision-making support, document management, quality management, systems integration tools and executive dashboards.

And more: allows creating process models, hierarchical categorization, security features and controlling over revisions.

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