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The management of retail services and businesses requires different software from traditional retail. Resources are needed to enable agility in service, with access to reliable information immediately, with integrated management to meet the needs of networks and franchises. Linx offers a system specialized in this business model and customizable for each specific line of activity, from pet shops to parking lots. Need a software to manage your service? Talk to Linx, we have the solution!

Get to know this solution benefits

  • Highly customized solution for every business need

  • Sharing of best practices

  • Greater safety for data that are not exposed in the unit's computers

  • Reduction in IT costs and consolidation of information

  • Unit data access from anywhere


Retailers from all over Brazil use Linx solutions for managing their business:

Integrated solutions for every type of business

See how Linx optimizes every process of your company:


  • Homogeneous communication in a single environment.

  • Single database for the entire network.

  • Integrated management of the network.

  • Sales monitoring of the entire network.

  • Safety: data stored in datacenter.

  • Network portal.

  • Unification of customer base (network customers, not unit customers).


  • Sharing of best practices in business.

  • Operating cost reduction.

  • Safety: data stored in datacenter.

  • Access to information anywhere on the web.

  • Economic group control.

  • Improvement in communication and relationship with the client: follow-up on calls made, notices of promotions, birthday, important dates.

  • Customer purchase history available to the attendant.

  • Financial management.

  • Linked sale: more items per sale.


  • Customer Area.

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