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Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Both in cities as in roads and rest stops, fuel stations have the challenge of selling products and aggregated services, such as oil change, maintenance services and convenience stores. With Linx software in the cloud, it's possible to expedite and facilitate service on the road, manage gas stations while reducing costs with technology infrastructure, and comply with tax laws.

Get to know this solution benefits

  • Increase in the number of customers at the convenience store or restaurant

  • Levers the average ticket and the profitability of individual or network operation

  • Automation and integration between the road and the convenience store or restaurant

  • Integrates the operation with carriers, in addition to full control of the fueling of trucks

  • Management of city gas stations, highway gas stations or rest stops, with agility and intuitive interfaces.


Retailers from all over Brazil use Linx solutions for managing their business:


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Integrated solutions for every type of business

See how Linx optimizes every process of your company:


  • Registration of messages per customer with track preview.

  • Complete administration of the pumps, with change of prices, locking and unlocking of pumps, value preset, opening, closing and printing supplies.

  • Fleet control: enables the station customers to manage their vehicles from anywhere, and drivers and other authorized companies to refuel on their behalf.

  • Oil change: history of exchanges available throughout the stations chain, provision of budget at the point of sale for issuing tax coupons.

  • Management and service to transfer documents


  • Compatibility with touchscreen terminals.

  • Shift change control with active automation.

  • Loyalty card.

  • Issuance of receipt directly from the POS, from any shift coupon.

  • Integration with various ECF models, automation of pumps and fluid gages.

  • Issuance of proof of sale, allowing savings of up to 33% on pumps.

  • NF-e, NFC-e and SAT enabled.

  • Integration with dedicated TEF: more safety and agility in sales.


  • Assessment of the value of the account by the number of people.

  • Sale item detailing.

  • Shows the position of the people at the table.

  • Forwards and prints detailed supply orders.

  • Integration with micro-terminals.

  • Integration with PDA's and Shelby.

  • Possibility of order customization.

  • Mobile supply order: service with mobile devices.

  • Delivery control integrated with the production areas, eliminating parallel controls


  • Demonstration of results for the year.

  • Liquidity position.

  • Contribution margin and mark-up.

  • ABC curve of items and customers.

  • Cash flow.

  • Control of employees checking account.

  • Asset control.

  • Protocol of occurrences.

  • Distance management with mobile applications.

  • Tax and accounting management.

  • Automated budget planning and management.

  • Control and management of data and tax obligations, with dates and schedule alerts.

  • Management of critical business processes (BPM - Business Process Management).


  • Full registrations.

  • History of employees.

  • Electronic point.

  • Payroll.

  • HR management reports.

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