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The world of dealerships is demanding and competitive. To achieve the best results, you need to have software that offer access to information quickly and integrated. The systems Linx offers to this universe meet the needs of automakers, dealers, multibrand, and multi-sector, uncomplicating your business and bringing ease to its management.

Get to know this solution benefits

  • Adheres to all the automakers in the country

  • Relationship management with customer, sales, inventory and services

  • Very high adherence to the functionalities of the dealership, chain and automakers

  • Customized solutions targeted to the needs of each brand and dealership

  • Local, regional or national coverage


Retailers from all over Brazil use Linx solutions for managing their business:

Integrated solutions for every type of business

See how Linx optimizes every process of your company:


  • Control of shopping demands and requests.

  • Control of pricing policies, discounts and negotiations.

  • Self-service totem: customer can schedule or make payment of services directly, without going to the counter.

  • Used vehicle review, consultation service records, vehicle inventory and revenue reporting for mobile devices.

  • Funding services management (F&I), insurance, broker and additional services.

  • NF-e, NFC-e and SAT enabled.

  • Integration with dedicated TEF: more safety and agility in sales.


  • Complete management, from opening O.S. to the removal of vehicle.

  • Control of professional allocation and volume of work orders.

  • Prospecting and scheduling services.

  • Parts inventory.

  • Warranty and service recall control.


  • Inventory planning and control (analyses, purchases and repurchases).

  • Consultation of vehicle inventory levels.

  • Inventory ABC classification report and demand for parts.

  • Integration with automakers.

  • Related softwares and services

  • Linx DMS


  • Reports of sales results.

  • Financial management: accounts payable and receivable, accounting, cash flow, asset control.

  • Complying with tax requirements.

  • Integration with automakers, with complete management view of processes to support strategic decisions.

  • Automated budget planning and management.

  • Control and management of data and tax obligations, with dates and schedule alerts.

  • Management of critical business processes (BPM - Business Process Management).

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