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Cookies Policy

LINX SISTEMAS E CONSULTORIA LTDA (“Linx”) wishes to maintain a relationship of trust and transparency with all those with whom it relates.

The privacy of visitors to our website and the security of their personal information are particularly important to us. Like many companies, we use technology on our platforms to collect information that helps us better understand how our platforms are used, allowing us to continue looking for constant improvements to your experience with us.

Thus, we have developed this Cookies Policy (“Policy”) so that you (“User”) can understand what cookies are, what types of cookies and other automated data collection technologies we use, what information we collect using said technologies and for what purposes this information is used in the context of your navigation on our website.

To learn more about how we collect, store, use and maintain personal data, please check our General External Privacy Notice, accessing /aviso-externo-geral-de-privacidade/.


  1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are files or information, usually composed of small pieces of text, which can be stored by your web browser on Internet-enabled devices (such as computers, smartphones or tablets) when you, the User, visit a website.

A Cookie will usually contain the name of the website that originated it, its “lifetime” (that is, how long it will remain on your device) and a value, which is usually a unique number generated randomly.


  1. What do we use Cookies for?

We use Cookies to allow and facilitate the use of our websites, to guarantee the safety of Users during navigation, and to better adapt our products and content to their interests and needs.

Cookies allow us to perform necessary and additional functionalities on our websites, so that we can improve the interactivity and the User experience during browsing.

The required functionalities serve to guarantee the proper performance of the website, without which it will not operate correctly. Additional functionalities are used to improve browsing performance: provide greater security, speed or better performance; monitor User access, interaction and preferences; make it possible to target personalized ads; identify the most popular pages; suit the size of the site to your screen; better understand their preferences in their interaction with the website and offer more relevant communications; help accelerate their future activities and experiences on our websites; compile aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how Users use our websites and help us improve its structure and content.


  1. What types of information can be stored in a Cookie?

The information stored by Cookies on your device may be related to: certain web pages you visited on that device; ads you clicked on; the type of browser and device you use; your IP address; your name and email; or the information you have filled out or provided to a website and/or application. Cookies may contain personal data, which will be handled in accordance with our General External Privacy Notice.


  1. What types of Cookies do we use?

Linx uses the following types of Cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies for our website and its functionalities to work correctly. These Cookies cannot be disabled by the User if he or she wants to access the website and properly use its features. The required Cookies do not extract information about the User that can be used for marketing purposes or to track your browsing on the Internet.
  • Functionality (or Functional) Cookies to record data previously provided, aiming to improve the User’s browsing experience, saving preferences and usability settings of the website. Functional Cookies are used so that the website can remember the User’s choices and preferences, providing a more personalized experience while browsing.
  • Analysis (or Analytical) Cookies to improve the content of the website, providing information about how it is being used and collecting information about the User interaction during browsing, aiming to improve his or her experience. Said Cookies perform automatic collection of certain personal data to identify, for example, how many times a particular page has been visited.
  • Marketing Cookies, so that we can provide the most appropriate advertising communications to the User, according to his or her interests, fostering market research and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The Cookies listed above, in terms of duration, can be either “Session Cookies” or “Persistent Cookies”.

Session Cookies are temporary cookies that remain on the device until the user exits the website or ends his or her session/use.

Persistent Cookies remain on the User device for a longer period or until he or she manually deletes them. The length of time the Cookie will remain on a User’s device will depend on the duration or “lifetime” of the specific Cookie and on his or her browser settings.


  1. Third-party Cookies

Linx has no control over Cookies from third parties for the User’s device and is not responsible for the use of such Cookies, even if access to that third party’s website is through redirection via the link provided on our website. Be careful, as cookies installed by third parties may eventually continue monitoring your online activities even after you have left our website. It is recommended that the User clean his or her browsing data regularly to keep records only from the sources he or she trusts.


  1. How do I manage Cookies?

If the User wants to know what cookies are installed on his or her device, or if he or she wants to delete or restrict them, his or her browser settings can be used to do so. The User can find further explanations on how to proceed by clicking on the links below. To find information related to other browsers, visit the browser’s developer website.

Please remember that the use of Cookies allows us to offer you a better experience in our products and services. If you block cookies on our products or do not allow some of them to work, not all features and pages on the website may function as intended. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that you will not be able to access certain areas of our website or that you will be able to use certain features that rely on these technologies.


  1. Changes to this Cookie Policy 

As we are always looking to improve our services and maintain transparency with those who relate to us, this Cookies Policy may undergo updates to reflect the improvements made. Therefore, we recommend that you visit this page periodically so that you, the User, are informed about all the new updates.


  1. Do you have any doubt? Contact us!

If you have any questions about any provision in this Cookies Policy or if you want to make a request, please contact us by email [privacidadededados@linx.com.br].



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Last updated on December 21, 2020

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