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With more than 30 years offering management software (ERP and POS), Linx specializes in retail and meets many different market needs. The Company offers specific solutions for gas stations and convenience stores, dealerships, food, fashion and accessories, optical shops, drugstores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, electronics, home decor, magazines, home centers, telephony, perfumery and cosmetics, bookstores and gift shops, retail services, aesthetics and health, vocational education and languages, and spas beauty salons, dry cleaners, among others.

With over 2,800 employees at the head office in São Paulo (SP) and in own branches in the cities of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Recife (PE), Porto Alegre (RS), Joinville (SC), Bauru (SP), Cascavel (PR), Bebedouro (SP), Blumenau (SC), Uberlândia (MG), Florianópolis (SC) and Manaus (AM), as well as representatives and franchises in other states, Linx serves today more than 39,000 customers.


Linx was formed in 2004, but the activities developed by it began 30 years ago. Microserv Comércio e Consultoria Ltda., former name of the Company, started its activities in 1985, on the initiative of Nércio Fernandes, current Chairman of the Linx Board of Directors, and other founders.

The first system developed by the Company, called MicroMalhas, was focused on the automation of the production chain of clothing companies, ranging from steps such as design and fabric utilization of pieces until the arrival of the products at the store. With it the direction of the Organization was drawn, specializing later on software for the retail industry, the Company's strategic focus.


Linx 30-year anniversary.
Acquisition of Neemu and Chaordic companies.


Acquisition of the following companies: Rezende Sistemas, Big Sistemas and Softpharma.


Public listing in New Market segment of the Stock Exchange Securities, Commodities and Futures
Exchange (BM&F Bovespa).
Acquisition of Direção and LZT companies.
Acquisition of assets from Seller, Opus System and Ionics.


Acquisition of Compacta Tecnologia and Bitix companies. Release of Linx Retail CRM.


Acquisition of the following companies: Custom, Spress and Microvix.
Entry of General Atlantic American Fund.


Acquisition of Day System and CNP companies. Opening of branch offices in Belo Horizonte and
Entry of BNDESPar as a partner investor.


Start offering Cloud Services. Acquisition of the following companies: CSI, Formata and Inter Commerce.


Acquisition of Quadrant company. Opening of Rio de Janeiro’s branch.


Constitution of LMI S.A. ("LMI"), as a holding company, with the purpose of concentrating the equity interest in all companies of the group. On 21 September, the corporate name of LMI was changed to Linx S.A., current corporate name of Company.


Beginning of the Channel Program to sell Linx ERP.


  • Best POS - Point of Sale and Best Invoice Issuance Software Provider - BR Week Award 2016
  • Best POS - Point of Sale - BR Week 2015 Award
  • Highlight of the Year in the Network Infrastructure Services segment – Telecom 2015 Yearbook
  • Among the 4 first in Innovation and Quality, Social Responsibility and among the 4 first of sector - Technology - Software and Services – The Best - Dinheiro 2015
  • Among the 200 fastest-growing SMEs in Brazil in 2015

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